Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

Today I was inspired by my mother to make hand embroidered eye glass cases again.  My mother had such thick lenses in her glasses that she could only wear black plastic frames.  I hold the memory of those glasses in my own eyes as I also cannot see without my glasses with the exception of when I am hand embroidering.  

The cases are priced at $20.00 and available for right now through my blog privately.  I do accept PayPal and will be putting them on Etsy in the near future.  Each case is hand illustrated and hand embroidered and are priced in a way as to not limit my creativity.  If you are interested in ordering one please send me an email at with specifics. 

My mother was an inspiration to me as an artist.  She fostered creativity and interest in everything my brother and I were interested in.  She was an artist herself and that is one of my fondest memories of her.
My mom taught me the greatest lesson I have ever learned about life.  When we are humans walking this earth in this body we are working to find the light and love in our souls.  Our human bodies are mere mortals and they make mistakes and are not perfect, but when our soul is beautiful people can see your light even when it is invisible to you.  People can see the light in your eyes because our eyes are the window to our soul.  My mother had a beautiful soul and I know that she is with me and guiding me to my destiny.

Hug your mom today and have a great day.  I Can See Clearly Now is a song by Jimmy Cliff.  Enjoy it at this link.

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