Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joy, Joy, Joy

 March 17th came into my mind today and I wondered why so I thought I would see what came up on that day and why it popped into my head.  I'm sorry to say I think it popped into my head because of the dreams and life I expressed an interest in on my blog on that day.  My art and my idea for a business. I kind of let it slide .It wasn't really that I didn't intend to follow through, but my mind wasn't quite ready for such a big dream at that time.  I had just crashed and burned in a plane that  I didn't know how to fly.  I know that I am ready for that dream now.  But I've added a few passengers.

I'm going to take christening outfits with me.  I love to create them and they are inspired by the divine.  I don't use patterns, I just kind of make them up as I go along.  I made quite a few and I have pictures so I'll share one soon.  I  don't have a picture of the one I'm currently making as to be quite honest they don't look like much until they are finished.  Not like embroidery where you can sort of see where a piece is going before it's finished.

And some crocheted accessories made only the way I can make them, in a bunch of wackadoodle colors and a bunch of wackadoodle textures.  There are plenty of people who find great joy in expressing themselves through felting and neutral colors.

My business idea was to finish other people's needlecrafted projects left behind by people who weren't there personally to finish them.  I guess at the time I wasn't personally there to finish them either.  But now I'm ready.  I have a great love of all needlecrafts and have been doing them for at least 4 decades.  I charge $20.00 an hour or give free estimates.  You can email me at das813@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

And then there is my blog, it's been kind of disjointed the last few months and I simply lost my mojo.  I got caught in a very negative cycle that changed who I was.  But now I realize that without crashing and burning I would have never learned how incredibly strong I am.  I have to accept that I am just a mere mortal and use my superhuman powers to get my life back.

I also think I have found my purpose, to try to make sense of the connections we have in life.  To write about childhood trauma from a simple mere mortal perspective rather than a trained professional perspective.  I have finally figured out that my life was never really my own because of fear.  I was afraid to fail and to be abandoned and I never really got past it.  The negative commentaries of my life took charge and never really let go until now.

I am ready to be a butterfly and work really hard to stay up in the air.  I promise if you trust me with your work I will take beautiful care of it.  I will finish it just like your loved one would have because needles and the strings that go with them are my life.  They are my connection to the divine.  So that means getting back to work and putting down the computer.

Love yourself enough to make your dreams come true and share your dreams with me if you wish and together we can take a giant leap for mankind.  Because in the end it's the life you had as a child   that should guide you because those are the things that bring you JOY!

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