Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lady's Got Glass

The Lady's Got Glass is my friend Cheryl Gutmaker and her adorable husband Julian or as I call him Jewels.  They are passionate about their work, about each other, and every moment spent with the two of them together is just remarkable and an example of the kind of life we all search for.

They work together to make their beautiful glass work, which is mostly fused but also features some beautifully hand blown pieces too, in their garage studio and on trips to Corning where they make their beautiful blown glass pieces.  The piece featured above is an example of Cheryl's frit work which is very time consuming and makes several trips into the kiln to end up with this beautiful piece of art. Cheryl also makes bowls, cheeseboards and soap dishes which she sells through many different stores and through craft shows.

Cheryl has a website called appropriately enough The Lady's Got Glass where you can read more about her process and find all the stores lucky enough to carry her work and where she will be doing craft shows.  She truly is an inspiration as an artist, as a friend and as a person. 

Cheryl and Jewels  live an inspired life filled with love, laughter, song and great food.  They bring their passion to everything they do including friendship.  They have two wonderful kids Debra and Andy, and their spouses and grandchildren are inspiring too.

A day in the life of Cheryl and Jewels starts off with whatever they wish to eat for breakfast including cookies.  They go their separate ways or spend their days together making glass and living life.  They meet up some time later in the day and they make more glass, they eat more delightful food and they sing in unison, yes they break out in song and sing in unison.  They are very inspiring people to be around and I am very grateful that they have made me their friend.

Have a great day and I think Cheryl would agree with me when I say follow your passion and work hard.  That is advice I need to hear every day. 

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