Monday, June 4, 2012

Letting Go

I have finally reached the time in my journey where I realize I cannot go forward just on my own. I need God and the Universe and my foremothers to help me out of the big black hole I threw myself into a few months ago. I am really blessed to have my wonderful son, my fabulous friends, a love for hand embroidery and my blog.

The rest of my life the past few months has been lived in bitterness and regret for the road I hadn't taken. When you let your journey be defined by other people you usually end up on a detour that ends up getting you lost. I am lost.

So now I am letting go, I am trusting that there is a purpose waiting for me to claim it. A purpose that allows me to be creative, loving and at peace with myself. A purpose and a life which will allow me to live my life appealing to my better angels and not dwelling in the baser instincts which are part of myself.

I think I have let go of most of the darkness that lived within me most of my life and now I must banish the rest of it. I feel that without a profound change in my attitude and my faith I will perish. So I am letting go. I am moving forward, perhaps not in my human body but in my soul. I have a long line of strong women who are with me to help me. I am going to use my art and writing to allow my soul to come out of the darkness. Beyond that I don't have any answers. I feel
that if I let go and let the connections of love all over the universe and beyond help me I will find myself in a loving, giving, abundant universe.

Blessings to you and may you find creativity, love and peace on your journey.

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