Love and Happiness

This piece is called Sailor's Knot and it is available at Samantha's Cafe in Glens Falls, NY. The song of the day is Love and Happiness and it was sung by Al Green.

It takes so little to find love and happiness. Every morning we as human beings wake up and go about our daily lives. Sometime we have a great day and other days not so much. What makes the difference between a good day and a bad one? The way our minds think.

We make choices every minute of our lives. Are we going to think about the things which make us feel love or the things that make us feel hatred? Our thoughts have the ability to lift us in inspiration and peace or to bury us in a world of negativity and fear. Are we going to live in the sorrows of the past or live in the moment to change the future?

We all are given the present moment to decide whether to be happy or sad. Do we want to feel anger or love? Do we want to understand that we are mere mortals who make bad choices sometimes? Nobody’s life Is perfect. We all have moments we wish we could take back. But the reality is we can’t live our lives backwards. We have to move forward and make better choices. We have to forgive ourselves.

We are not able to love anyone else until we love ourselves, until we accept ourselves warts and all. We have to live in each moment and treat ourselves and the people around us with love, respect and understanding. Only that will bring true happiness.

Years ago I worked in a gift shop where most of the merchandise was quite beautiful but there were some pieces I just did not like. I’m a lousy liar and I had to sell everything, not just the pieces that I myself liked, so I found something positive about everything in the store so I could sell it and not sell my soul. It made me a very good salesperson without even trying.

I feel that way about people too, there is something to like in every single one of us. Instead of looking for the negatives in people, I try to let them define themselves. Yes, I am sometimes disappointed and yes, I can look at some people and find that it is very hard to find the positives. Everybody has positives you just have to look for them. In my life, from this moment moving on, that is one aspect I wish to focus on, to accept people as they are and not who I wish them to be.

I am authentically an optimist, although during certain times in my life I have lived in the shadows for way too long. Now it is time for me to shed the shadows of myself and look for the light. I am being called to find the beauty and the happiness in everything. It may not be easy but it is what God and the universe wants from all of us. We are to live authentically, to find love for ourselves and others, and to search for a way to find happiness and share it. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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