Friday, June 8, 2012

The Monastery

Today I was working up at Valley Artisans Market and I decided to go a little early and visit the New Skete monastery. What a beautiful, peaceful place it is. First there is a small pond where you can sit and look clear down to the bottom of the water. There was a family of frogs there to entertain while I sat there.

I then went to the larger of the two temples. It is a beautiful square room and there are saints painted on all of the walls of the bigger temple and it is awe inspiring to see them painted in all their glory. While I was there I reflected a bit on the saints and tried to find peace and guidance from them. It is really a magical place where the cares and worries of the world seem far off and distant.

There is a smaller temple a little bit further along the path and that is probably the most spiritual place I have ever been. As you walk in the door the altar lights up and it feels magical and very spiritual. It feels like the light shines only for you and then after a while it darkens but you are still able to read the prayer books with ribbons for the passages of the day. I always find the passages recommended for that day timely and helpful to whatever issues are of concern. It is awe inspiring and beautiful how much peace filters into your mind when you are at complete peace and quiet.

There is another sitting garden located between the temples and it is beautifully maintained and has a waterfall. It was really beautiful and serene. Whenever I am on the grounds I feel so much peace and feel that God is everywhere there. It was once again a truly wonderful experience and I feel I will try to make the trip more often to remind myself that the grace of God is available to us any time we need to find it.

I then worked at the coop and met a lovely spiritual woman who was just so wonderful to talk to. We spoke of spirituality and the soul journeys we are both making. Every time I work in the coop I meet someone who reminds me that spirituality and art are closely connected and that there is wonder in the universe. I listened to classical music, embroidered and had just a lovely day there.

I ended the day with a night out with my girlfriends. I had a delicious meal and it was so nice to be with my friends. It has been a long time since we have all been together and it was just fun. So that is my day after my early morning blog post in which I conveyed an intention completely opposite of the intention I wanted to convey. Live and learn and my head, my heart and my soul had a beautiful day today. I feel blessed and heartened. Thanks for reading.

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