Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Opening the Door

Opening the Door will be available on Etsy later on today.

After I wrote my earlier blog post I went strolling around youtube to find something to inspire me to move past my earlier post. I settled on Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech. What a beautiful inspiring speech! It reminded me that we all have dreams and we all have hardships and compared to the hardships of those listening to MLK's speech, my problems are so small.

I then watched Barack Obama's election night speech and that made me wonder where the heck did that guy go? I can only hope that if he gets a do-over he does it grand fashion so that he will be remembered as much more than the first black president. I hope he will totally transform our government and how it does business. And regardless of where Obama went the first 4 years, I wouldn't trust Mitt Romney to do anything other than business as usual, since from where I sit he is a man with no convictions. Sometimes I wonder whether he even knows where he stands on the issues.

Finally I watched Steve Job's famous commencement speech at Stanford. That was a beautifully inspired speech and one that I will probably listen to every day until I move myself from the tiny bit of negativity in my life to the more vast life of love and compassion. There is a saying that says if you don't control your own life someone else will do it for you. That is the most accurate statement of my life at the moment. I ask myself the question do I let the darkness overtake the good or do I simply open the black door and walk into the light? I think I've decided to open the door and keep moving, step by step, inch by inch until the door closes behind me.

Blessings and do yourself a favor if you are overwhelmed by the moments of your life, watch one of these speeches and remember there is always hope.

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