Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Hearts Content

Heart of the Matter is now available at Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge, NY.

Our hearts content. The only way we can live to our hearts content is to live from the heart.  To block out the words that so often clutter our minds.  The words that have been told to us for our entire lives, most of the time by very well meaning loving people.

But our hearts cannot listen to well meaning people, it can only listen to itself to find contentment. To find our uniqueness that makes us who we are, not what we do.  To find the magic in our everyday life.  I have been on a journey of self discovery the last few months and bombarded by well meaning advice that has made me question my own heart, can you imagine?

If you make this you will be more successful, if you sell these you will make more money and I listened.  I put others opinions before my own heart.  In my heart I am a kind and compassionate woman,  I live with love in my heart for just about everyone and those that I don't, I forgive and forget easily.  Yes I did carry around resentments and bitterness but that lived in my head not in my heart.  Yes perhaps I hung on to the memories of all the departed souls that live with me in my heart.  But they live with me in my heart, they helped to make me who I  really am.

On my father's side,my grandmother taught me how to embroider and knit and crochet and my grandfather taught me how to wander and try big ideas even if they didn't work out.  On my mother's side, my grandmother on my mother's side taught me generosity, strength and forgiveness, she always had a door open for everyone.  My grandfather taught me how to be a parent and a grandfather even if you adopt them. He loved children and was a devoted father and grandfather.  My mother taught me how to be a human, how to love unconditionally and how to follow my own  path.  My father taught me charm and he had a hardworking personality.  My brother taught me how to survive and take care of myself and has given me the courage to move forward on my own. Except for my brother those who live in my heart are gone from the earth. Still, they all live on in my heart and they have all taught me that life is too short and we have to do everything what we love.

I wish I had listened to them earlier, because when you do not live from your heart you are stuck in a moment where other people's opinions are more important than your own and you are just stuck immobilized in the same place wondering what you should do next.  It is in only in the heart where your dreams and your soul lives.  It is not in the physical world where we are too fat, too skinny, too lazy or a workaholic.  In our hearts we are love or hate.  Better to surround yourself with people you love, forgive those who are not perfect themselves and that it is in the process of doing where joy is found not whether someone else thinks it is a good business decision.

When you start to do something simply for material possessions you leave bits of your heart and soul  behind, you are not inspired by something deeper and more meaningful but you are inspired by lack of  money, fame, ideas.  When you listen to other's opinions of who you are, you become what they say.  When you listen to your heart and how your body feels when you are creating, you become the person you are meant to be. 

I went to the monastery yesterday and in deep reflection realized I needed to put a period on the end of my sentence and to start living a more authentic life NOW.  That life starts now in this moment and I will follow my heart until it feels contentment and I will share that contentment with my bloggy friends.  It may not be your path but it will be mine.

Finally, if we live our lives by someone else's perception of who we are, we are not loving ourselves and our divine guidance, our own true nature.  Believe in yourself, do what you love, share what you love and just live.  Life is much too short not to and that is a lesson my heart taught me.  Blessings.


Gina Sismilich said...

This piece is stunning - love all the work in it and the colors.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you Gina! I love to use color to express myself so thank you for noticing.