Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Parrot and the Butterfly

 The Parrot And the Butterfly

The parrot sits in her cage all day,
Waiting for someone to take her away,
She sits and she waits for someone to speak,
Anyone everyone so she has something to say.

No words of her own, they were too unimportant,
Who should listen to me I have nothing to say,
And then one day, much to her surprise,
She was a butterfly when she opened her eyes.

She lived in a cocoon shaped like her cage,
No mirror around, never noticed her plumage,
Beautiful really, in all vibrant colors,
A unique thing of beauty she was in her image.

She looked around and wondered what shall I  be,
And she heard a sweet voice say look for the key,
Where is the key she asked with a sigh,
The key is your heart and with that said goodbye.

She looked out the window and saw the sun,
And she realized it’s put there for everyone,
So she put her wings together and slid out of the cage.
And flew away home, free as a bird,
And told me this story with all her own words.

This piece is called Heart Butterfly.  If you are interested in purchasing it email me.  It is never too late to follow your dreams.  From this moment on that is what I will be doing.  The parrot has turned into a butterfly.  Become a butterfly, spread your wings and don't let anyone tell you it is impossible because just realizing that you are a butterfly is an accomplishment.

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