Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Passionate Life

This is Anabora, she's my goddess. Yes I actually embroidered a goddess for myself.  She's not available because she's my goddess.  If you want one I'll make you one.  Just email me.

So today as I sat down to hand embroider after spending a glorious hour and a half crocheting a christening gown, I realized I just wasn't passionate enough to embroider an eye glass case so  I picked up my knitting needles and let it rip.  I love to knit.  No pictures because I have 3 large projects in three different mediums going at the same time.  I've decided to pick up some of the treasures I've let slip away from my hands while I listened to the the one person who invariably comes up to your booth at a craft show and says I can do this.  All of my work will be based on the feelings that I get from it and hopefully that passion will appeal to someone else.

I started another blog(yes another one) but this one is about politics which I am also passionate about.  I have been interested in government and how it works since I was a kid.  My mother was a dyed in the wool liberal I'm pretty sure because she had me watching Hubert Humphrey concede.   I'm pretty sure she voted for Jimmy Carter because we watched his inauguration.  My dad was a veteran and was the commander of the local VFW more than once so I had two parents very proud to be Americans and I guess a lot of that rubbed off on me too.  The name of  the new blog is DebraAnn Left of Center ( It's on Wordpress and it's written on  a lovely shade of blue.  I'm also just gonna let it rip there too.  It is written with the idea of commonality amongst all the combatants in the politcial arena so hopefully it won't be too offensive to those who think differently then myself.

I could say this blog is only going to be an art blog to promote my work but that is a promise I probably won't be able to keep.  Why write a sentence when you can write a paragraph instead?  The descriptions of the work and where it will be available will be in the first paragraph so you can leave after that if you wish.

I guess what I'm trying to say in a nutshell, is we only have one life.  That's it.  Our soul may have more lives but the next person won't be me.  I am going through a life change and am deciding what my heart, my soul and my head want to do next.  The only way I can do that is to go by my gut feelings and to follow my passions.    I've pretty much taken a sabbatical from everything so there won't be too many facebook and twitter entries nor television or music.  Sometimes you just need to live with your own words and see where they take you.  I think making a major life change is definitely the time to start doing that.  Thanks to all my friends and family who have been really wonderful the last couple of months.

I hope the two blogs and my body of work will inspire.  This kind of life is an experiment with what is possible while trying to get by in the real world living impassioned.  And just for further reference my upcoming blog posts won't be about me, me, me.  That ship has sailed.  I think I've written enough about myself on this blog to fill an autobiography(that's the ticket, only kidding).

If I don't have something new to share I will look into my bag of tricks and find other artists who inspire me both in my real life and my virtual life.  There are plenty of them.  Be happy!  Find your passion and live it, because life is too short to do anything else.

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