Friday, June 8, 2012

To Thine Own Heart be True

To thine own heart be true. Our hearts and souls belong to eternity. Our love and compassion and kindness live in our hearts. Our souls cry out for this love, compassion and kindness every day of our mere mortal lives.

Our souls search daily for peace but as long as our heads carry chaos our hearts are closed. Our hearts and souls are protected by a hard shell and rendered lost in the wilderness.

It is only with the unity of our hearts, our souls and our heads that we make our lives worth living. We have become a society that devalues the soul. We replace feelings with possessions. We forget the beauty of a beautiful song, the loveliness of a cardinal on a branch, the work of a great artists, the walk off home run of our favorite player. We forget the beauty of life that is right in front of us. We look for love outside our souls and many times because there is no unity among us we get lost.

Seek and ye shall find is a line from the bible and a tenet of most universal truths. We seek love, kindness and compassion outside of ourselves and we find fear, loss and greed instead. We try to fill up the holes in our hearts and souls with things. Everything is expendable and then we look for more things to replace it.

We seek peace and instead we find the chaos of our possessions and the worry of how we will pay for them all. Sometimes in that chase for possessions or people to possess we lose our souls.

My heart and my soul search for the peacefulness that warms my soul. While my soul and my heart were protected by a hard shell. My head offered me chaos and the worry that someday I will be all alone and have nothing. My heart and my soul remind me that I can sit down with my embroidery and music and my head feels no closer to God than at those times. My heart and my soul remind me that I have unconditional love for my son and that I was unconditionally loved by my mother. My heart and my soul remind me that all I need is a pen and a computer to share my heart and soul with others. I am free to create anything I wish, be it a lovely hand embroidered heart or a poem inspired by Lord Byron. My heart and soul remind me that I am loved by a giving and loving universe straight down to my soul. I am reminded that everything I need or that I could ever want is buried deep inside me residing behind the wall with my heart and my soul.

Find the things you love and wrap yourself up in them as often as you can. Share them with others. They are the treasures that live in your heart. Everything else is just God's way of reminding us that we are human.

Have a wonderful day and remind yourself of all the beautiful, wondrous things that are right within your view today and give thanks to a loving and giving universe that you are still breathing and able to see them.


Anonymous said...

You're blog was very difficult to read today. Your categorization of collective humanity is very sad. That is not the world I live in. If you "see" only how bad things are, you will continue to create the same thing over and over again. This is what is meant by history repeating itself. I'm not sure you understand the laws of the universe as most religions leave out the good parts! Hope you can uplift yourself soon.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you for your comment I did not realize how negative it sounded when I wrote it. That really wasn't my intention, my intention was supposed to be combining the head, heart and soul with the affect of the heart and the soul uplifting the head. I guess I should think a bit more before writing my blog. Thank you again for your perspective.