Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Sometimes the time between your dream and the completion of that dream is a transition period.  This piece is called Transitions and it is available at Valley Artisans Market.

Everyone has dreams, big dreams, small dreams, just dreams.  The ability to create a vision of that dream is very important as are the actions taken to follow that dream.   I still need a plan but I am taking action.  So the glass is half full.  I prefer the half full theory as to the half empty theory.

I am figuring out that it is not just the dream but the importance in your life that you give to your dreams and the importance you give to the naysayers.  I was reminded today of how someone else's plan for your life has the ability to take your day in a completely different direction then the day you had planned on working towards your dream.  And then I remembered that I am the captain of my boat of dreams and I have the ability to steer my boat where I wish to in the moment.

I am working on a christening outfit which is coming right along.  I have made it a goal to finish it by the weekend and I am thinking I might just be able to do that if I don't take on water and start to sink into dream oblivion.  I have to be honest though in saying I am already living the dream.  I have not made a christening outfit in such a long time that I forgot just how much peace and joy I get out of creating them with a lovely tune in the background.  It doesn't even matter at this point whether someone dreams of putting it on their baby; I have dreamed it, created it and loved it without a pattern, just me and the universe working on this piece together. I am moving my dream forward.

That is why I feel the glass is half full instead of the glass being half empty.  In the past, that few moments of  someone else planning my life,  would have become a day or a week or a few hours of solitaire playing and a couple of hours on the computer after that.  I took a deep breath realized how important it is for me to finish this dress before the weekend and I turned off the computer and started working.  That may not be someone else’s version of living the dream but it is mine.  Maybe when it is finished I will make the plan for the rest of my dream life but at the moment all I can think of is reaching my goal in peace and joy
My dream is probably not all that important to anyone else, but it is important to me.  Follow your dreams even though you may be the only one who believes in them, if it brings you joy or brings you peace it’s a good thing and if your dream makes you feel supported by the universe even better.

The song of the day is called Dream a Little Dream of Me and I love this version by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

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