Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fragility of Life

Once again I am reminded of the fragility of life, the story about the boat capsizing off of Oyster Bay New York killing three young children is a tragedy, beyond words.  My prayers go out to the family and hug your own children.  I just hugged mine.

We live so much of our lives feeling we are invincible.  That we are strong enough to handle anything that comes our way and sometimes the truth is we are not.  We grow old, we get sick, we die.  But how do we live before those moments come?  That is a really good question.  I know the answer I'm supposed to give, which is we live each moment to the fullest.  After living my life the last few months in a vacuum I can honestly say I haven't.  I've had tremendous growth and devastating backwards motion.  Another thing I can say is but for the grace of God, I could be the parents of one of those children, that is a real tragedy not a self inflicted one.

Every day we hope to make a difference.  We hope to find love, or find a job or find some peace.  We spend our whole life searching for our purpose and sometimes we just plain get stuck and stop living for the day.  Every day there is a tragedy that should remind us how important the people in our lives are and what we give to the world instead of what we take from it.   Instead we try to shield ourselves from the pain and shut down our feelings or take some kind of drug to mask the pain.  We don't want to feel any emotion other than joy and happiness.  But we don't live in a world of euphoria where all the answers to life are laid out before us.  We have to be grateful for and take the lessons we learn from what is. Be grateful for the breath in our lungs and for the pain that sometimes comes with it and walk towards a life that will give us those answers.

Sometimes the most painful lessons are the ones that teach us the most.  In order to learn those lessons we have to feel the pain so we know what joy feels like.  For me the joy of creativity is calling me.  I don't have any bigger answers to those really big questions in life. But for the grace of god go I and I must bring peace and love to myself because listening to our inner self is where we can find the rest of the answers.  It is where we feel our lives and not just live them blindly.

The tree is part of a bigger project, a tangled thread creation.  I'm taking the chaos of the tangled thread mass and using the threads to make the peace inch by inch.  I'm just going to feel it and wing it.  I'm going to find the joy and perhaps the pain making this peace.  I'll keep you updated.

Once again hug your kids, pet your dog, find your joy and peace. Feel better.

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