Thursday, July 26, 2012

Have Love Will Travel

The journey to find our soul begins with a single step.  My step begins with hand embroidery and ends with a way to find a living being true to myself and my god and living by the spiritual principles I believe in.  I believe God will find a way for me to become a productive, loving, peaceful individual which is who I was to begin with.

The journey starts today with a trip to see my beautiful loving Godmother Madeline who has loved me and stabilized me since I was a little girl and the beautiful brave warrior princess LuAnn who I idolized as a young girl and who I idolize even more today as a completely inspiring breast cancer survivor.  I know I will come full circle and return from the windy, peaceful Taconic and the traffic laden streets of New York City to find my own personal warrior princess with gifts of love from God and the universe.

Hand embroidery and computer with me as I chronicle my journey to recapture my soul.  I will write about the wonderful things I have found on my road trip and enjoy some really good pizza for it is this Mediterranean princess’s favorite meal. While I am feeding the soul and going back to my roots I will appreciate the time and effort needed to make a beautiful piece of hand embroidered art as well.  It is a gift from God to be given a vocation that adds so much beauty and reflection and reminds you of your soul and your God with every stitch.

I will add pictures of my work and my travels accordingly.  I will find a life where I can devote myself to finding love, inner peace and hand embroidery trust in God that he would not have given me these talents if he did not want me to use them.  I trust that God will help me find the path that will express love, peace and meditation the best while sharing the beauty and commonalities of all of us.

What I take with me is that you must not sacrifice yourself just to live a life that doesn’t define who you are and what you believe in.  We are only on this earth for a short time and we must find ourselves in the universe and remember the talents we are given and give them back to others. 
This is my last blog post for Tangled Stitch on Google.  I will be moving my blog to Wordpress and will combine the love of embroidery, the passion of politics and the mysteries of  life as I see them on my journey to the soul and finding a life that appreciates all that it has been given.
I appreciate all of the love and concern of everyone in my life who loved me enough to find a path for me but I think I have to find it on my own. Have Love Will Travel. 

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