The Heart of the Matter Revisited

The Heart of the Matter has a new home with a lovely woman I met while working at Valley Artisans Market.  We had such a beautiful conversation about spirituality and life.  Every time I work up at VAM I meet the most interesting, artistic, and spiritual people I have ever met.  It's no wonder it's one of my favorite places to be. 

I am working up at VAM this afternoon so if you are in the neighborhood please drop in and say hi!  I have decided to take Follow the Yellow Brick Road out of my Etsy shop and to bring it up to Valley Artisans Market where hopefully somebody will see it in person and fall in love with it.  This piece has a lot of meaning to me so I am hoping that it will have a lot of meaning to somebody else too.

I must run along.  Have a great day and follow your heart and find your yellow brick road.



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