Monday, July 9, 2012

An Inspired Life

It takes the same amount of time to live an inspired life that it does to live an uninspired life.  The difference is the focus you give to it.  If you dwell on the have nots you will have not.  If you dwell on the beauty of a birds song, the loveliness of a Mozart composition, the words of a philosopher or the work of your fellow artists you will be inspired.

We are always searching and reaching for the brass ring right out of reach instead of getting lost in the moment of inspiration.  I must admit I never thought I was much of a classical music fan but my inability to concentrate with the words of just about every band I used to listen to has left me with empty headphones.  I filled them up with silence(just inspiring) and classical music.  My favorite at the moment is Mozart.  His music is just beautiful and transports me back to a simpler time.  A time when  an artist could just close their eyes, use their imagination and create.  Nowadays there are so many outside influences fighting to take control of our fragile psyches that it is so much harder to just find the peace and creativity that we all reach for.

But then along came Mozart and my ears and my heart have been inspired.  His music is just so lovely and you can hear every instrument in his music.  It relaxes the mind and brings peace especially when one closes their eyes and just surrenders to the inspiration.  It is a meditation of sound and beauty my soul just loves. It inspires me to work and create and dream. 

I am getting ready for the Albany Shaker craft show so I will need all the inspiration I can get as I have set some creative goals for myself.  I will take Mozart, the bird's song, the words of philosophers and keep going.  Have a wonderful inspired day and perhaps give a listen to Mozart and see if you find the meditation and beauty in his music.  Certainly changed this lover of bright and shiny alternative rock into a believer.

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