Love is the Answer

In every moment of our lives we must make choices.  We ask ourselves the deepest questions in our dreams?  We often times find the answers in love.  What we love says a lot about who we are and what our purpose in life is. Not one of us is perfect in this world there is always something to overcome on the pathway to loving oneself and others.   We beat ourselves up daily, we are not working enough, we are not being enough and we want people to like us.  Instead of looking inside and seeing the love that exists within our hearts and our souls we look for love outside ourselves.   We all need the love and abundance of the universe.  Forgiveness is the way to find that love.  To accept that in the moment we are living in and the moments ahead we can choose to love ourselves and those who are not perfect and move on.

I love my son without conditions.   There is nothing he could do that would ever change my motherly love towards him.  I love the idea of having grandchildren one day so that I can find a different kind of love. Grandchildren bring a love that appreciates the time and passage of life.

My parents taught me the most important lesson of life, to love people while they are alive.   Life is much too short to have regrets that you weren’t able to say the most important words before they died.  I love you very much.

I love my work.  I love to embroider and crochet and knit and draw. I was never very good at drawing straight lines but nothing in life moves in a straight line anyway.  There are always detours, always choices to stay on the path we are on or move in a different direction.  If we choose love we always know the right direction.  Even when our heads and the voices of other people choose our path for us, there is a yearning to find the right path, the one of love.

I love to write, I feel that if I can write one sentence that makes someone feel less alone or makes them think of what they can be doing out of love it is well worth the words on the paper, or the words out of my mouth. 

There is something to love about everyone, even our enemies or should I say those who we think are enemies.  Everything is about thoughts.  There is something to love about everything, even in those things that are damaged and broken, at some point there was love living there.  It’s time to pick out those things we love and carry them forward into our new moments.  To love ourselves enough to let go of those things we can’t carry anymore and to embrace the things we want to carry forward. 

The world is a very crazy place at the moment and the only way we can heal it is to love ourselves and bring that pure innocent love, share it with each other, to give of ourselves with our talents, to bring peace into our hearts.  We always have the choice to love unconditionally and fully be in the moment.

Find something you love enough to be passionate about and live.


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