Monday, July 16, 2012

Money Can't Buy You Love

If the world is a reflection of who you are then I am one wonderful person.  I had a craft show this weekend and sold a pillow.  But you know what money can’t buy you love and I had such a lovely weekend when it came to human interaction and inspiration I think I had a great weekend.

The business part wasn’t so bad, it means I have to think up some new ideas and change my focus a tad bit.  The christening outfit which I was just inspired to make got the most attention so I’m going to add that back into my bag of tricks.  And the small framed pieces also got a lot of attention so onward and forward and better luck next time.

This piece is called Just Hand.  I met the lovely young woman who purchased it at The Katbird Shop and it was just a pleasure to meet her and talk to her.  She loved the piece and I have to admit it was one of my favorites to make.  It was made just for the love of embroidery and it is wonderful that someone saw that love and loved it too.

I met a few spiritual wanderers also, I love to talk about spirituality and the big picture of life and the universe gave me quite a few lovely people to talk to about it.  I spoke to quite a few women who went through what I am going through and that gave me hope for the future.  And there were quite a few inspiring artists who have figured out a way to make their art their livelihood so that was a high point too.

But the thing I will carry away from this weekend is the kindness and compassion and connectedness of the human spirit.  I had quite a few conversations about the things that really matter in this world, talking to the kindest, most compassionate people I was lucky enough to spend time with.

I am an open book, when I bleed people can see a trail of blood for miles.  Sometimes that is a blessing sometimes a curse. This weekend, I found that if you open up your heart and you are honest about what is going on in there, you will find you are not alone.  I felt surrounded and loved by a kind and compassionate world. Everyone has a story to tell but we are taught usually when we are children, that some things should remain private.  When you follow a truck on the highway and chronicle your mental breakdown on your blog not much is private.

Now I can look back at that time and see the pearl hidden inside the clam shell. The pearl is that people hurt, they feel bad, and they hide their pain.   They close the clam shell never to let anybody know the private pain they suffer.  I am here to tell you that if you open the clamshell and talk about your pain, really talk about it; you will find everybody has their own pearl.  You are not alone.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We are all connected by the happiness, the joy, the inspiration and yes the sorrow of our lives.

I am oh so thankful for the people I traveled the path with this weekend.  For those dealing with their own pain, best wishes and a compassionate ear is always here to listen.  If you need a bit more than a friendly ear I can recommend someone.  Talk to other people, give them a chance to comfort you and perhaps you will realize they have their own secrets too.  Give blessings for the lessons of the day.  And remember money can’t buy you love but being honest with yourself and others can. 

The song of the day is by the Beatles back in the 60's.

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