Friday, July 6, 2012


The title of this piece is Redemption.  Sooner or later in our lives we all need redemption.  The world we create is a world of thoughts, sort of the black cloud following us where ever we go.  That is if we choose to believe there is a black cloud following us.

If we believe in love and faith, we tend to live a life of love and faith.  If we keep our own thoughts uppermost in our minds, we can believe anything.  Including the idea that we are connected to the world  and each other through those thoughts.

I believe if everybody just prayed to the God they believe in or the universe and prayed for peace, it could possible catch on and we could live in the blue sunny part of life instead of the hell we drag with us every day.  Try something different and try to be positive one entire day and discard those hellish thoughts that don't really define all of us made in God's image.  There are so many negative messages being delivered from so many different kinds of media that you have to be a monk in a monastery not to at least let a few of them seep into your psyche.  Let them go.

That being said, there is also the idea that you just hear it for what it is and you don't own it.  You let those thoughts go.  If the words make you uneasy, listen to the music, if that makes you uneasy turn it off and listen to something that enriches your life and makes life worth living.  Even if the only sound you hear is your heart and soul talking to you.

Now for the artwork, I'm trying something new.  I love the immediacy of drawing compared to the time it takes me to make one hand embroidery piece.  I will never give up hand embroidery because without embroidery I'm one unlit candle.  Although the idea that I limited myself to just one art form made me realize that I limit myself in a lot of different ways.   I think we all do in some sort of way.  We go back to the safe harbour and just kind of float there. Well now I am in the middle of the ocean and I have to find a way back to shore, so I'm trying.  I'm trying to find something or some lovely things that  float my boat.

Find some lovely things today that float your boat in an unexpected way.  Who knows maybe if we believe in our dreams our dreams can become a reality and move us out of the safe harbor into the life Thoreau imagined.


Gina Sismilich said...

I love this piece - there is so much movement here - your work is beautiful!

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you Gina! I'm trying something new so very thankful for the feedback!