The Life of a Tree

The tree of life is open and wanting and transformational.   We lose old habits and sprout new ones like buds forming on our branches.  We seek the sun and it’s warmth as the leaves on a tree sway towards the sun.  We suffer like a tree when we lose our branches because of an exceptionally strong wind or a disease that withers away part of our human trees.

Trees are eternal until we cut them down.  Our souls are eternal like the tree.  Each one of us is different just as each tree is different.  The amount of sunlight, love and pruning of a tree equal the amount of sunlight, love and pruning of our souls.  Cutting off the parts that no longer serve us and making the parts that remain stronger.  The oldest part of the tree is the wild and woolly part at the top where it takes more than a mortal man to tame, just as the oldest part of a person is that part which he has carried since he was a child and is usually the hardest to tame.

They say the talents we find as children are the answers to our blissful questions in life.  They can usually be found in the minds of what we loved when we were children.   Inside a tree we can find out how old the tree is, how wise it is, how long it has survived by its rings.  In the heart of a human adult we can usually find how old the soul is, how wise it is and how it has survived the years it has endured also.

We carry our hearts around protecting them like the wild and woolly leaves that sway gently at the top of a tree during a storm.  We build fortresses around our heart to protect our hearts but all we really have to do is sway.  Let the good and the bad move in and out of our lives like leaves swaying in a storm that will protect us from losing our hearts forever.

We as humans can learn a lot from trees and their strength as it is hard to bring down a mature tree without a little help from Mother Nature.  We can learn a lot about ourselves by remembering our own strengths and our own human natures.

The blessings of a tree are countless.  The tree provides shade from the sun.  It provides wood for the heat.  It provides food for sustenance and aromatics for the nose.  The blessings of our human bodies are countless too.  We provide love from the sun, a quiet breeze of a smile, a sway of the dance and the strength to endure many human trials.

Bless a tree, bless yourselves and may you grow many rings and endure many struggles by swaying like the leaves in a brisk wind.


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