Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life?

I don’t really have an answer to that question but it is a lovely song by Johnny Mathis.  Since anything I can write today about myself will be pretty pitiful I’m going to write about music.  I love music.  I love to dance, I love to sing.

Music has the ability to pick you up and drop you off in any destination you wish to visit.  It transcends life.  Whether it is the voice of an angel like Andrea Bocelli or the bluesy grrrr of the Black Keys, the music picks you up and carries to a place you might like to visit.

I love to listen to Chopin and imagine myself a child sitting next to him on the piano bench totally enamored of the beauty of his piano. It really is amazing to listen to the fingers going through all those keys so quickly and so beautifully. 

I imagine myself sitting in a room with Mozart just closing my eyes and letting the beauty of his music take me away, there is such a lightness and reverential feeling to his music.  His music makes me feel closer to God in some way.

I can listen to Andrea Bocelli and hear the voice of an angel, I can imagine the feelings he is feeling even though I cannot understand the words he is singing.  His music brought me through one of the darkest periods of my life.

The Black Keys sing songs that give me reminder of my younger days and introduced me to the blues. The range between their bluesy first cd and the peppy last cd is just incredible.  Every cd sounds different but yet you can still tell that it is the Black Keys. There is a thread that winds through their early music and their latest music telling a story of perseverance and hard work and incredible music.

Finally we come to the song of the day.  I love this song, it has been sung by so many different singers including Frank Sinatra to Barbara Streisand, but something about Johnny Mathis and his beautiful velvety voice that just makes me melt when I hear this song.  I just imagine that dreamy feeling of love at first bloom and the wonder of a life lived with love and romance and hope.  Just the feeling I want to leave this blog post with.

There are so many beautiful songs sung by Johnny Mathis and beautiful versions of this song so follow some of the suggestions on Youtube and hopefully it will leave you with a beautiful feeling too.

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