Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Beginning

 A view like this.

A meal like this.
A trusty dog.

Ok so I was freakin out 2 hours ago because I am in my new apartment.  I am here alone(hopefully that's not a mistake to say so).  My landlord/roommate had to work, I am locked out of my room and can't figure out how to turn the lights on in the room I'm in now.  So what else would Debbie do but panic.  But DebraAnn looked out the window(after panicking) realized the lodge across the street was having a chicken barbeque and ate.  Drank a little wine.  Ok and whined a little too.  And realized I have a big old couch a tv and a really good air conditioner(not to mention a sweet as pie dog) on this very hot day and am thankful for the  new opportunity.  I'm sure my new landlord/roommate will come back for his dog and 4 cats.  Yes he likes cats and has 4 of them because he can't stand the thought of euthanizing them.  He's a chef and a bartender although I had to wing it earlier when I made lunch on the industrial size stove.  Which was an experience all by itself, lighting pilot lights and being a big girl all by myself.  I'm ok and very tired so I'm sitting on the couch getting ready to lie down and sleep out the darkness with the tv keeping me company.  I hope you are all well.  I'll have something more insightful and embroidered tomorrow(as my embroidery is in the locked room).  By the way had a great trek to Vermont which is literally only about 10 minutes away.  Feel really good about this.  Deb.

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