Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Simple Man

A Simple Man is a song by Lynard Skynard.  It’s one of my favorites and reflects the outlook I have on life today.  All anyone wants in life is to be accepted and driven by what they love.  I love hand embroidering, crocheting and spinning a yarn.  That is what I wake up every morning hoping to somehow reflect out into the world.

I am truly starting over.  There is no backward motion anymore.  The time has come to put one foot in front of the other, put the pedal to the metal and try to follow my dream wherever it may lead me.  The last week has been incredible.  I have so many more possibilities at the end of the week than I had in the desperation of having to find a place to live by yesterday (or seven yesterdays).  I have a great roommate/landlord named Richard, a man who has followed his dreams through several incarnations and is about to embark on another one.  I have a son who is learning how to live with me a little further away and becoming more independent and making me so proud of who he has become.  I have a bunch of artistic opportunities underneath my belt from my previous life and I have a whole bunch of artistic opportunities waiting for me in every direction in my new life. I have my heart, my mind, and my soul waiting to be expressed.

I am a hand embroidery artist, it is a very slow medium but one that has served me extremely well over the years.  It’s a simple yet complicated medium.  Writing is simple and complicated also.  A writer has to write enough words to be interesting and yet reign themselves in as to not become a bore.  It’s a fine line I’m still learning.  This is who I am, a meandering trail of thread with a bunch of loose ends who somehow manages to keep it all together no matter how tangled life becomes.  That is what being a simple woman means to me.

So now that I am a simple independent woman I can’t spend quite as much time bloviating and must spend more time being an artist, finding some income and writing a few interesting things about life and seeing where all of it takes me.  It’s not easy, it’s kind of complicated but as Lynard Skynard says it’s something to love and understand.  Either I have a dream or I don’t.  Either I go for it or I don’t.  Either it reflects who I am or it doesn’t.  It’s time to figure that all out and fly.  See you tomorrow (or later).

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