Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day Trip in Upstate NY

This Autumn Tree is available at Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge, New York.

It is the most beautiful time of year again up here in the Upstate New York Region.  The time when our thoughts start to drift from the beautiful shoreline to the beautiful changing hues of the trees and the certain crispness in the air that requires a light sweater.

It is the perfect time to visit Upstate New York, the apples are ripe for the picking, the leaves are resplendent in red, orange and yellow, and the pumpkins are abundant.  Come and visit one of our local farmers markets or farms.  You can prepare your entire breakfast for months with the spoils of our nature.  You can buy your own pancake mix, mix it with farm fresh eggs and milk that are produced by our dairy farmers, and then serve it with maple syrup straight from the earth.  There is honey for your coffee, bacon from our meat producers and smokers, jam from our plentiful summer fruits, delicious artisan bread baked by local artisans waiting to be eaten on your breakfast table.  The best part is you can serve it up to your family year round and remember the beautiful memories you created while visiting this very special region.

While you are here you can visit places steeped in the great history of our nation.  You can actually see the places where Washington slept and Benedict Arnold built boats.  You can see the beautiful Lake Champlain where the battle of Ticonderoga was fought and the field where the famous battle of Saratoga was fought.  You cannot help but be inspired by the beginnings of our country.

This region has fallen on some lean times and really could use the boost in the economy at the moment that our remembrance of the beginning of our great country could bring.  There are so many beautiful, interesting places to visit and much to beckon you.  Besides the history of the American Revolution you can see apples everywhere and pick them yourself, you can find pumpkins and bring them home to beckon trick-or-treaters or bake them into beautiful pies and breads.  You can go to any of the beautiful yarn shops and find beautiful yarn to inspire the artist in all of us and knit beautiful sweaters for your family.  There are fantastic little eateries everywhere where you can find the days of old reflected in the days of new.  It is truly a region where we can wax nostalgic and enjoy things the way they used to be if only for an afternoon or weekend.

As an artist it gives me great pride to point you in the direction of the beauty and splendor that inspired many artist and writers during history to write beautiful poetry,   paint beautiful paintings and sing beautiful songs.  At this very moment there are artists inspired by the same sweeping landscapes that were written about and painted centuries ago available in local galleries all over the Capital Region where I am lucky enough to live at the moment during this wonderful time of year.  Yes it is the history and the money of New York City that drives the state of New York but it is the beautiful backdrop of Upstate NY that inspires it. 

Please visit us, spend your money, help our economy, and help rebuild America one block and one region at a time.  Let your journey start here in Upstate NY, you will not be disappointed. You will be inspired and well fed when you leave here.

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