Friday, September 14, 2012

Adirondack Museum

Tomorrow I will be at the Adirondack Museum Fabric and Fiber Arts Festival in Blue Mountain Lake( from 10:00 till 3:00 demonstrating my favorite thing in the world hand-embroidery.  These are just 2 of the pieces I will be showing tomorrow.  

The first piece is called Tree Goddess, my latest piece.  She is my homage to the planet and most especially the trees!
The second piece is called Lifelines. It is one of the first hands I embroidered and one of my favorites.   Lifelines  reflects the circle of life and how it radiates outward.  Both pieces reflect my love of the color green and the colors of the rainbow.  I hope if you are available tomorrow you will make a trip up to this beautiful part of Upstate NY and visit myself and the other talented fabric and fiber artisans!  

Both pieces are a reminder that we must love nature and take care of our trees and our roots, for our trees and our roots give us much comfort and shade in a world that has become much too barren for our own good.

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