Sunday, September 2, 2012

Checking In

Hi All!  Having a few internet problems so won't be here as much for a few days, hoping to use the time very wisely and finish some pesky projects and start a few more.  The weathers been beautiful, went to see a band in the park the other night.  Totally lovely and realized a lovely artist I know is right here from Whitehall.  Everybody is very nice here and you can complain about life but can't really complain about a view of a canal to wake up to.  Have a great weekend and I'm off(perhaps for a while).

Please don't forget the Albany Shaker craft fair is next weekend already(I know).  I bought the lovely little tree and the butterfly to Valley Artisans Market yesterday so if you like them there they are.  Kathy at the Katbird Shop still has lots of my work and lots of work by other artists too. 

My Etsy shop is still working and I'm thinking Ebay as soon as Albany Shaker is over.  Gotta find a way to live the dream.  Blessings to all those unemployed artists and wonderful shopkeepers struggling in this economy.  May everyone find it in their heart to add a little art to their homes and creativity to their souls. 

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