Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embroider More, Drop the Guns

Yesterday I demonstrated hand embroidery at Blue Mountain Lake.  I had a wonderful time espousing the benefits of hand embroidery.  I would love to teach the world to embroider in perfect harmony.

Embroidery is one of those vocations(in my case) in which you can lose yourself and find yourself in the same instance.  It requires focus, attention and meditation. If you are making  a french knot and you lose focus it could get messy, but if you are making a french knot and finding focus you are meditating.

The world is crazy, it is chaotic, scary, confusing and frightening.  It is also a place filled with great beauty, spirit, love and peace.  The last few months have been a mix of heaven and hell, but as I was demonstrating and telling people about the peace of hand embroidery, I realized that most of the heaven was while I was embroidering and the hell was caused by not embroidering.

So my solution to the masses, pick up your embroidery needles(or any other artistic endeavor) and run out into the strees with your hoops in your holster and drop the guns.  Drop them in the sewer where they can't hurt anyone.  Find a meditative hobby to get rid of the stress of the horrible boss.  Find a meditative hobby that will allow you to turn your inner and outer television off.  Find a meditative hobby that makes you focus on something other than the thoughts in your head.  Or perhaps stick to your needles(guns) and make the meditative hobby your vocation.

It's one small step for man to find something you love, but it's one giant step for mankind.  Blessings to each and every artist who tries to bring peace to the world by trying to bring peace to themselves.

P.S.  To all the people I met today this is my favorite piece.  It is one of my first pieces of hand embroidered art!

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Gina Sismilich said...

You are so right - I used to do crewel and needlepoint and counted cross stitch - You need to focus in all of these and that always calmed me. I hope you find more heaven than hell in the days ahead. You do beautiful work.