God Given Talents

There is a parable in the New Testament about talent.  God gives us talents and he expects us to use them.  He doesn’t want us to die with our light still undiscovered within us.  He wants us to take our skills, our strengths, our passions and build a life with them. A life in which each person cooperates in the bigger picture of life and stands strong and firm with others  to bring our world to a more perfect union.

We seem to have forgotten this parable somewhere along the way and appearances of wealth and class and stature seem to have taken over the day.  Our ancestors survived for centuries without computers and IPhone yet it seems like these are necessities this day to do just about everything.  Including using or selling your talents and that is probably God’s plan for the IPhone and computer too.

I am a hand embroidery artist, a writer, a talker and a listener (except it seems when it is advice being offered to me).  Hand embroidery is probably a counter to the amount of words that swim around my head on a daily or momentary basis.  I am an open book; I have no filters and truly believe that if God wanted me to live a life filled with secrets he wouldn’t have given me a mouth or a brain.

Nobody gets through life unscathed.  We awaken, we live, we love, we grieve, we hand embroider.  We carry on.  We suffer in silence hoping that no one figures out that we have screwed up, we are feeling lonely or that we are suffering in a life that no longer speaks to our soul.  But with everyone dealing with some issue we have to step back and learn the lessons that are there for the taking.  We are all on Planet Earth together, what affects one of us affects all of us, when there is distrust and secrecy in our body there is secrecy and distrust in the world.

When we sit in a chair at night and find the first moment of joy in the day embroidering, playing a guitar, or reading a good book we are with God.  All is right in our universe.  These are the moments we should make more of, the moments when we are at peace.  Our world needs it, our families need it but most of all we need it.  I’m not saying give up your day job but give up the five minutes you spend complaining about it and use that time more wisely. 

I’ve made a decision to live my life more wisely so there may be more blog posts or less blog posts or more hand embroidered pillows or less hand embroidered pillows but I am actively searching out God and I will actively and accurately describe that search.  This piece was made as a pillow when I did not believe in myself or my talents.  It is now a framed piece because I do.

Blessings and find your moment of peace


Gina Sismilich said…
God is right there with you - we turn our backs on Him and his word so often but He doesn't go anywhere. You have wonderful artistic talent - but I know He has given you more than that. Have a blessed day.

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