Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Imagine Peace

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What is peace to you? I think in these times of universal chaos, the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the planet at the moment is peace within each and every one of us.  We give the planet a gift when we find a few moments to just get out of our own way and find something that brings us peace.

For me there is no greater peace than hand embroidering with my headphones on and some bluesy music spinning.  So when I finish this post that is what I’m going to do, to bring peace to the countryside of my chaotic mind.

What brings you peace?  Is it a walk around a lovely lake, a couple of hours in the library just looking at books, a yoga class?  Or are you worrying about all the things you have to do today and not thinking about giving yourself a moment’s peace?  It’s hurting the planet; it’s making a planet full of frenetic type -A personalities afraid that if they even stop for one moment something bad is going to happen.

We fill our brains up with TV, and political dialogue and a litany of all the bad things in the world that are happening to us.  We can have sympathy for every single living being on the universe but in the end we are only responsible for the peace in our own lives.  If each of us spent 5 minutes every hour doing something that was peaceful for us the world would be a lovelier more tranquil place.

So imagine what peace looks like for you and spend 5 minutes every hour doing it.  I’m going to  use up all my 5 minutes and hand embroider for a few uninterrupted hours and convince myself that my work is making a difference for the planet.  What about you?

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