Imagining Red and Yellow

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is available at Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge.

I am trying to finish a piece so this blog post will be short and sweet like myself.  I am looking for the Yellow Brick Road, has anyone seen it?  I mean really has anyone seen it?  It must be out there somewhere as are the illusive pot of gold and the four leaf clover. 

Perhaps the Yellow Brick Road is the road to our imagination where we can live any life we want if we just think we can and work really hard.  That is the road I wish to be traveling on today.  The road where I think I can and I work really hard which means it's time to turn off the computer, get my head in a good place and finish the piece(or peace) I'm working on.

Have a great day, find your imagination and work hard and maybe we can be successful together(or at least imagine we are).  Blessings


Gina Sismilich said…
What a beautiful piece - the colors are wonderful - I love how the road pops! Great work

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