Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Gift to the Planet

This piece is available at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady, NY.  Please stop in and say hi to Kathy and look at the rest of my work and the work of other very talented artists.

I am giving a gift to the planet today.  I am embroidering.  All day, nothing else(at least that is what I intend to do).  No Facebook, no Twitter, no email checking, no looking for a "real" job, nothing, nada.  Just embroidery, just peace.

I've discovered while I"m crocheting and knitting and everything else under the sun that nothing quite does it for me like embroidery.  It's probably the reason my disposition is sunny most of the time because I am content on the inside when I am embroidering.  It gives me peace!  If I add a little music it is heaven on earth and with a busy weekend with an extra hour added onto the trip both ways it is time for just a little peace and just a little embroidery before the excitement of the Albany Shaker Craft Show(please come on Saturday and Sunday and see my work and the work of many other talented artists and crafters). 

I'm also working on a planet related piece which is quite interesting so far if I say so myself.  I'll share when it's finished.  But back to the reason for this post.  Right now there is a lot of chaos going on in the world.  Wars, famine, divorce, unemployment.  A lot of reasons to be stressed and unhappy.  Really no getting around it, meditation works but only as long as one is meditating.  So the next best thing is doing something that you love, as much as you can.  So I'm giving myself the gift of embroidery today and I'm giving a gift of a calm content person to the universe. 

My suggestion is to all of you, find something you love and for at least an hour(unless of course you are like me and divorced and unemployed and you have all day to stew in your own juices)do it.  Let the planet worry about the people who really need it's help and do your part to make peace in your mind, your heart, your soul and your world.  Perhaps if enough people do it even if it is for just an hour the world will spin on it's axis and peace will descend on the earth.  I'm hoping for that anyway!

Be back tomorrow(if possible) chill out knock your socks off and embroider in your most comfortable easy chair.

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