Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stuck In The Middle With You

It’s amazing how much of our lives we spend stuck.  I recently decided to start living my life on purpose (or at least not in so much chaos) and its amazing when you decide to finally unstick yourself to see just how really stuck you are.  There are halfway done projects everywhere.  I guess that is the lot of the artist to just start things and when it’s not quite perfect enough to move on and leave it behind, but I guess there is the point in our artistic life when we should admit it’s not working chop it up and repurpose it right there on the spot.  If you hate it now you will probably hate it 2 years from now.
I’m not saying just chuck it or repurpose it today, just maybe put a time limit of a month on it and if it doesn’t speak to you and it doesn’t speak to the lady down the street(one man’s junk is another man’s treasure) chuck it or repurpose it.  But hanging on to all those half-finished projects can be very draining.  It can make you stuck.

So this is the beginning of a project, tomorrow (yes tomorrow I will show you what I decided to do with it).  Not really something different just a different perspective.  Putting a different perspective on things from your past can be very beneficial too.  When you are a pack rat you hang on to everything, old birthday cards, old journals, and various other old snapshots of your life at a certain moment.  Sometimes you can clearly see where you took the wrong path and got lost somewhere stuck in the middle of your head.  That has been happening a lot lately too.  Lost and stuck seem to have been my mantra for the year. 

But as they say you have to be lost before you can be found and I am finding myself in both my artistic life and non-artistic life moving forward and learning valuable lessons about myself.  Most importantly I am not successful because I can never let anything go. I hold onto everything be it the good, the bad, the ugly.  It keeps me stuck moving things around in my head and physically instead of creating space for all the new ideas and fun stuff. 
So there you have it my version of stuck in the middle with you (unlike the great version by Stealers Wheel).  I am de-cluttering, repurposing and just plain trying to get rid of the crap that I can’t take with me while I move on to my new life.  So have a great day and pick a pile, any pile (everyone has them) and get rid of some of your clutter. Spend a few minutes looking at it and trying to decide why you hung on to it in the first place, if you can’t figure it out it’s time to go.

I hope I didn’t bore with you with my anecdotes about being stuck but if one person finds themselves stuck in the middle and doesn’t feel alone it’s worth it.

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