Monday, September 10, 2012

The Dulcimer Weekend

I did the Albany Shaker Craft Show this weekend and the highlight for me was the dulcimer.  A lovely lady (I did not catch her name) played the dulcimer most of the weekend and the sweet peaceful sounds of Celtic music filled the meeting hall and made it quite easy to forget that this was a weekend that was not necessarily conducive for a craft show.  It was the early fall equivalent of a blizzard with heavy winds, heavy rain, and an overly gloomy weather prediction.  Although I must say as I was driving home on Saturday, it was ominous enough for me to take a detour from my hour long drive.

But then there was the dulcimer and its peaceful melodic Celtic music to keep me company while I spent the 2 days very creatively and productively embroidering.  The volunteers were great as always, the customers were very appreciative, the compliments were plentiful, the crafters were a sisterhood (and a few brothers too) of creativity.  It was really a very lovely peaceful weekend as long as you didn’t get too caught up in how much money you were making.  Hopefully for all of us artists all along the East Coast this was one weekend out of a beautiful fall and holiday season.

I was reminded so many times of just how little it takes to find contentment in life and art.  If you are able to keep your mind and hands busy and find a bunch of little treasures to brighten up the day you can make even an ominous forecast and a bunch of heavy winds on Saturday disappear into a beautiful Sunday.

I am also really thankful for the kind words and compliments of many of the people who I was lucky enough to meet or greet this weekend.  During the very hard last few months it was easy to believe that I was alone on an island with friends all around but no way to reach them.  This weekend it was easy to see that I am surrounded by old friends and new friends with nothing but possibilities in the future.  I was heartened by the woman with the lovely smile, who was smiling because she loved my work(that was a good moment) to the lovely woman who couldn’t decide between the scroll heart or the snowflake heart and thankfully bought them both it was a wonderful weekend to be an artist.
So great thanks to all my fellow artists, the lovely dulcimer player who will be playing most Saturdays in and around Thanksgiving at the Albany Shaker Christmas show, and the lovely people who made my oh so windy and oh so ominous weekend forecast bright and sunny.
Perhaps one of these days I will embroider a dulcimer in honor of this weekend!

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