Monday, September 3, 2012

The Light

I woke up inspired this morning.  I was inspired by the light of the moon and the light of a new dawn.
The Light shines for all of us.  Sometimes we don’t know that it is there but it is a beacon that leads us out of the darkness of our lives and into a new life of new beginnings and new opportunities.    It’s a time like this in our lifetime that we need a new dawn, a new way of living that encompasses the light and appreciates that yes it is available to all of us we just have to believe in it.

Our world has become so cynical and angry. There are a million reasons to be angry, the wars, 9/11, the man who cut us off on the interstate.  But there are just as many reasons to be hopeful and to walk towards the light of everyday life.  The feeling of joy when you get to the bottom of the ice cream cone and find the soft gushy coldness at the end.  Think about the feeling of love when we talk to our children, especially if we are not with them every day. The conclusion of a great uplifting movie which gives us hopes for tomorrow.

The light is always there.  It is everlasting,   the sun is shining somewhere right at this very moment, it shines for the good and the bad among us.  It illuminates our lives naturally and gives us a direction. The moon supplies the light in the middle of the night, when we need it the most.   When we are most alone and in the middle of a bad dream, we open our eyes and there is the light of the moon to guide us on our way.

For wayward travelers there is always a light house waiting to beckon the sailor home safely. For us as human beings there is always the light of heaven at the end of whatever tunnel we are traveling in.  It’s time to see that light before we reach the end of the tunnel while we can still do something about it.  It’s time to find the candle that will light our hearts and bring us to wherever we need to be. 

I   believe in Jesus.  I believe he is that light, he is the sun, and he is the moon.  He is there waiting for me to find my true potential, to find the love that is waiting for me, to find the abundance that he has planned for me, I just need to see the light.  We all just need to see the light, to search for it, be it on the keys of a piano, the needle at the end of a thread or a beautiful painting by some earlier light seeker. 

The universal truths make it easier to see the light. The truths of hope, faith, unconditional love, love in all its forms, prayer, and forgiveness.  All of it helps to illuminate the way to a better life, one that is worth living.  Now we need to live, to pick ourselves up, look inside ourselves and find the light that is calling us.

It’s been an exceptionally hard few months in my own life lately, but in the end I think it has shown me that if your life is not working there is really only one answer.  Let it go and walk towards the light.  It will not be easy but what of any value is.  By hanging onto anger and division you are not only hiding your own light but hiding the light of those on the journey with you.    God does not want that for us, he wants us to find peace, to find love, to find hope, to find life. 

There is so much darkness in the world today, please try to find your own light and shine it in every direction.  Shine it especially on the children for they are our hope for tomorrow.  They need to be inspired, they need to be loved, and they need to believe in the future.  Give them a bible, buy them a kaleidoscope, and give them light.  Shine on them.   Let their happy little smiles shine on us.

Simply shine and believe that with that shine will come a brand new day filled with love, hope and light, beautiful light.  I hope my blog post inspired by the light of a new day will make you think about the things in your life that shine and the things about you that shine for others.  God Bless. 

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