Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ginger the Bird

Ginger was a funky little bird.  She spent most of her time wondering why she couldn’t fly like the other birds.  She thought all the other birds were prettier and lovelier and more special than she was.  But what Ginger didn’t know was that she had extraordinary powers which allowed her to look at the world differently than everybody else.  She had a knack for hearing what people didn’t want her to hear and for saying things people didn’t want her to say.  In other words, Ginger had the inane quality of being exactly who she was.  Only problem was Ginger didn’t really know it. 

She so wanted to be like everybody else and have a tidy little nest and plenty of worms to eat and a lovely little nest of cute little bird babies that she could brag about to all of her friends.  Ginger did have one special little bird of her own, one she could love from morning till night and care for.  But soon her lovely little son Igor the bird would have to fly the coop and learn to fly on his own.  Igor had special powers too, he could remain steadfast even with a mother who wouldn’t fly and he could fly as his father was a regular bird with a nest and a whole lot of worries.  But Igor sometimes would let his mother get the best of him and he wouldn’t fly either. 

Ginger and Igor went on and on like this for years until one day, Ginger decided that being a bird that didn’t fly didn’t really work with a bird that could fly and couldn’t understand why she didn’t. So one day Ginger decided to fly the coop and finally find a place where she could be appreciated for the unique bird she was.  That was when life really started to change for her.  Igor thrived without her he became much more air born and found his own lovely unique bird and they had lovely little bird babies that Ginger could just love and love and love.  Billy, Igor’s father found a new bird and he and his new lady love, loved Igor to pieces and loved the grand birdies too.

Ginger honed her new abilities and became quite the conversationalist and found that the best way to fly is to accept yourself and build a life that reflects who you really are.  She found some new friends, learned to appreciate her old friends, learned to appreciate Billy, learned to let go and live life a little lighter and soon found that the reason she couldn’t fly herself was because she spent so much time worrying that she wasn’t like the other birds that she forgot how special a bird she really was all by herself.   

Once she realized she could fly doors and windows opened.  She found herself and her own true love who loved her just the way she was.  He had loved her from afar for many years and sat outside her window every night singing a sweet song that he wrote especially for her.  It took a while for the two of them to find each other but eventually Ginger met her Prince Starling and all of them lived happily ever after.  

P.S. DebraAnn the bird has decided that being a hand embroidery artist and a writer is something she really wants to do so she is going to write short stories, illustrate them and someday publish them in a book.

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