Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hope Revisited

This piece is my first art piece made in 1997.  It was the first piece I made where I considered myself an artist and not just a crafter.  I am revisiting this piece and adding some background to it
 at the moment.

It came to me as a vision the first day I worked at Valley Artisans Market on the way home.  It was hope for a wonderful new opportunity and a new beginning.  It was also the first piece of art that I actually experienced pain in making.  The blackness went on for months and the small hand in the middle represented the hand waiting to grab me out of the blackness.

I guess I am revisiting this piece because at the moment I am in need of a symbol of moving forward.  I wrote an entire blog post talking about the situation I find myself in now, but it is a rehash of the last few months of blog posts so we will leave it with the hope for a wonderful new opportunity and the hope for a new beginning.  I am at least ready to admit that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I am not dead.

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