Thursday, October 11, 2012


Soul Crossings

After yet another near miss car accident yesterday I am going to embroider and go with the flow until I can figure out my next move.  When I embroider all feels right with the world so  I am going to embroider and hopefully that will bring some clarity to my life.

I am unsure as to what I believe except I know longer think I am responsible alone for the woes of the world.  I think I am part of a collective consciousness which has exploded unto the universe.  It is therefore important that I remain peaceful.  When I am peaceful I find love.  I am going to continue to have love  as a companion in my mind.  I release it from the future but in my imagination I will work towards becoming wholly in love again some day.

My mind is so unfocused not to know the direction of the future.  Embroidery helps me to focus so that is where my focus will be until I figure it out. I will start putting my work out into the universe in as many avenues as possible and hope for the best and work towards the rest.

I take responsibility for the mess I’ve made up until this moment and will just do my thing joyfully and believe in a loving and giving universe and God.  It is time to put an end to the chaos. 

I am having a hard time letting go of things so if you are reading this and looking for something, a book, a magazine, a skein of yarn send me an email and if I have it,  it is yours.   I have a lot of different things as I become interested in everything so perhaps I have it if you need it.  Also I am offering myself up for lessons and service so if you would like to learn a very relaxing hobby or have a project that needs finishing please contact me at  

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