Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ornaments and Whatever

I'm still not really able to write anything worthy of reading but I have been working on some ornaments and feeling better overall.  My life is closer to a crossroad and I'm actually moving forward so hopefully in a few weeks I will have a new life and new things to write about.  My issues are so small in comparison to most of the people I love at the moment so I'm not complaining just explaining.  I'm very thankful for the Christmas season and all of the opportunities knocking. Please shop local and often in your local galleries, food shops, coffee shops, hardware stores.  Everything the people you love want can be bought in a small business.  So go find a small business and frequent it and I guarantee you that if you buy a less expensive gift for someone you love in a local business you will do more for them and for your neighbors then if you buy some crappy electronic thing made in China that will break in a month.  I guess I did say something worthy of reading.  See you soon.

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