Monday, December 10, 2012


Love comes and goes and sometimes it stays.  Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is hidden beneath the surface.  Love is felt as a glance, a touch, a meaningful conversation.  Love lives in the eternal.  It is hidden away from the masses but right under the soul, unseen but yet felt.

Who can explain why we fall and love and with whom.  What makes it possible for two people to live a lifetime together and not really understand each other and what makes it possible for two people to meet and fall in love instantly.

Love is unexplainable.  We are all shaped by those we love.  From the time we are born we are shaped by the love of our parents or the lack of their love.  We are shaped by our first loves, we are shaped by our in-between loves, we are shaped by those we share our lives with and then finally we are shaped by our last loves.  The one we find when all hope has gone, the one we can’t live without. 
That last one is the one we have to strive for, so we leave this world happier than the tears we entered it with.  The dream one can’t give up.  No matter what happens the last one is unconditional, it’s the one that carries us into eternity, who finally heals us.  First we have to heal ourselves, let go of the past and remind ourselves that the one person who will float our boat to eternity is out there somewhere and we have to move forward everyday loving ourselves so that we are open to be loved.  I’m ready to move forward finding love in myself , doing what I love and opening myself up for that last love, the one I can’t give up. 


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