Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Kinder Gentler Nation

In honor of the new gun control laws in New York I would like to ask Hollywood to clean up their act.  Many of the artists singing songs and making movies are among the leaders in asking our government to limit assault weapons and their availability at the same time they are accepting a paycheck for creating “entertainment” which glorifies death and exploits it in more violent, gruesome ways.  

The same celebrity who goes on twitter and bemoans the latest school shooting and than collects a paycheck for making a movie where numerous people are blown up, shot down and shown in all their dead glory should look in the mirror and ask themselves what is my responsibility?  If I really want to end gun violence perhaps I should take a stand in stopping to glorify it.

I’m not saying ban that sort of entertainment, which would be silly.  But perhaps just take a stand with the graphicness of those moments which makes it easier for the fragile mind to go to places where it just doesn’t belong.  Don’t make it so easy to imagine a dead body, I may be of a time long gone but I don’t think Dragnet actually showed how a real dead body looked numbing us to the reality of a real dead body.

So if we are going to look at the horrible gun violence and figure out a solution to it, it has to involve all of society not just gun owners.  There have to be more  mental health initiatives, gun control and yes Hollywood has to take responsibility for itself.  It would be nice if there was at least one Little House on The Prairie(no I’m not saying bring that one back) for every Revenge.  Don’t glorify the death and destruction.  We really don’t need to see how to build bombs and plan crimes and how dead bodies really look.  It only makes us harder individuals when the real thing happens.


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