Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Bird in the Hand
As I researched a political comment I made on Beliefnet I broke my own heart again.  I was a little passionate about the new gun control laws and thought perhaps Hollywood could do their jobs a little better and get rid of some of the senseless violence we see everyday on our television(movies and video games too but we can pretty much keep them away from the eyes of our kids) so I asked the question how many guns are sold like the one in the shooting and found a story saying that gun sales increased after the shooting and it just broke my heart.  It made me ashamed of my fellow Americans, not all of them, not even most of them but ashamed that as a society we have been so polluted by big money and big lobbyists that after a room full of babies get gunned down in a school room gun sales increase.  How does that happen?

It makes me feel we are doomed, that our freedom to watch blood and guts and tote our guns is more important than our kids.  Not really surprising, we frack our water, we put toxins into the air for centuries, we gut our social programs, anything we can to keep our lives the way we want them and the hell with the kids and the future.  As long as I take responsibility for my kid it shouldn't matter.  Well I took responsibility for mine(and still do now that he's an adult) and it still makes me feel doomed.  So my passion for politics has gone.  No wonder we eat all day and watch the Kardashians because paying attention is painful. 

Yeah I know we are supposed to remain positive and wish for a better world but how can we?  I wish I could go pray on a mountain in Tibet because voting doesn't seem to be helping.  But I am an ashamed American who is going to try to remain calm and embroider.  I should have been embroidering anyway in the first place and I"m gonna find feel good things to blog about like pie(stay tuned) and bread pudding(samantha's cafe) and Kim Kardashians butt(only kidding)along with the embroidery. 

Really what has happened to us, I yearn for a turn back in time not all the way back but back to a time when we took responsibility for our actions and the influence it had on our future.  Kids are our future and I think I will try to find a way to impact them positively without bemoaning a political system that is too corrupt to change.  Does anybody want a television and a lap top?

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