Friday, January 4, 2013

The Katbird Shop

This is a piece sold by the wonderful Katbird Shop located on Liberty Street in Schenectady, NY.

I am writing to ask you to support the American Dream of a very strong lady shopkeeper and the wonderful artists she has assembled in her lovely store.  The Katbird Shop has been open for seven years and is thinking of closing it's doors.  With the closing of the doors the dreams of a very strong shopkeeper and a portion of every artist she gave a chance to closes with it.

This isn't the way the American Dream is supposed to work.  We are all given a dream and some are not satisfied with the corporate world but prefer to make or be surrounded by beauty and artistry.  Kathy has tried everything to get people to come into her beautiful store but for naught.  She's fought a good fight for every single artist in her shop, she runs the shop by herself, creates the displays, meets the customers, finds the talented artists and artisans.  She's advertised and put all of herself into her store.

Imagine finding beautiful glassware by an artist from Scotia, beautiful embroidery by an artist from Clifton Park, beautiful baby sweaters from a lady in Schenectady.  Most of the work in the Katbird Shop is made by local artists.  Kathy also carries antiques.  There are gifts for everyone in every price range. It is truly one of the most beautiful collections of functional and visual art in the Capital Region as Kathy has an artist's eye and is very good at picking talent.

She won't write a blog asking you to shop in her store and maybe it is too late to make a difference but before you miss out on a gem of a store and a collection of beautiful things to look at and purchase please support Kathy and her American Dream(and mine) before it is too late.

Not only will the artworld and gift givers lose out on a gem but Kathy is very community minded and her loss will be felt by the Schenectady business and local community also.  It's a beautiful store just go and look I'm sure you can find something to make your or someone else's heart go pitter patter.  Please let her know you are out there and you appreciate things that are made right here in the Capital Region and not shipped in from China!  Thank you!

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