Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smokestack Lightning

A new tote for Valley Artisans Market

It’s been quite a week, opening myself up to life again that is.  I went to the love Art in the Public Eye event in Glens Falls on Thursday.  There was a band and good food provided by Samantha’s Café and beautiful, beautiful art.  I met a lovely mosaic artist who inspired me to get back to work, a lovely woman who is making a beginning making scarves and baby blankets which reminds me of my roots, and a lovely photographer who made me look at the ordinary in an extraordinary way.  A new beginning inspired by art, a call to remember the things I know I love and maybe open up to a few new ways to express myself.

Friday I went down to Albany to work the telephones at WAMC fund drive.  Public radio is really the only place where some can find those subjects and music that can’t be found anywhere else.  It was so much fun, the food was great and it felt wonderful to be doing something helpful for the arts.  I met some really great people and to be honest I didn’t really want to go but am super glad I did.

Last night I went to the Blues and Brews fund raiser for Hubbard Hall.  It was a blast; Smokestack Lightning was the highlight of the night.  It was originally done by Howlin Wolf and it was covered beautifully by the Roadside Blues Band.  The food was great(homemade chili and cornbread and a bean salad to die for),  a charming 70 year old Australian whose wife was back in Australia was my concert companion(a date without a date, a great first night out for a gun shy divorcee) and a cup of hot cocoa and  snowball to top the night off.   I don’t know if it was the music, the dancing, the people or the walk home alone at 10:30 feeling perfectly safe but for the first time since I moved to my new apartment it felt like home.  The whole week felt like home.    If you’d like to hear Smokestack Lightning here is a link.

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