Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In The Moment

I am crocheting on a real snow day.  The snow is beautiful and white and fluffy and late in the season.  In a few days it will be gone but in this moment I am enjoying the beauty of the moment and the roof over my head.  The feel of my crochet needle as the thread becomes a dress for a precious little baby who has been a dream and now is a reality.  In this moment, nothing else exists.  It’s a great day.

I have been one who has lived in the past for so long; it is nice to be in this moment in this place watching the snow falling down.  It is nice to put the past behind me and not worrying about the future in this moment.  It may not last but for the moment it is beautiful.

Speaking of the past, it is time to deal with your demons.  Take them on and try to rid yourself of the power they hold over you.  It may not be easy, it fact it is quite painful but once you do it, the pain disappears and then you can decide what to replace it with(a work in progress) but that is tomorrow’s moment.

Enjoy the snow or the sunshine or whatever is happening in your moment.

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