Monday, April 22, 2013

So Many Moments

So Many Moments

It was a trip I didn’t know I was taking until the night before,

There were so many beautiful moments to remember,

The bus was that winding down from the country to the big city.

I had a talk with a friend who looked at me for a moment and got it.

She told me to live in the moment; let everything go, no yesterday, no tomorrow, just now.

The beautiful angels I heard singing in Central Park, they sang Ave Maria and tears came to my eyes.

The beautiful courtyard I saw at Saint Bart, just a lovely peaceful sight in the middle of the big city with the choir in the background.

I’ll remember thinking that more churches should leave their doors open so people can find peace in their surroundings. 

We walked down Madison Avenue and looked at beautiful things, nothing as beautiful as the humanity.

They were everywhere, smiling, happy, eating, and cuddling.

I ate an ice cream cone from Mr. Softee.

 I ate pizza which although delicious wasn’t as good as the pizza at home.

 I’ll remember or forget the cheesecake from Juniors that I didn’t buy and the free coffee that was on the house.

Yes food, there is always food in every day.

I will remember the homeless man scrounging through the garbage for a bite, staggering from disease. 

He needed a bite, the remorse that I didn’t give it to him; too busy enjoying my own slice of heaven.

I’ll remember the Buddhist monks that were everywhere, reminding me that God shows up in many forms.

He shows up in the child running off from his parents.

I heard the beautiful sound of silence in the Church of the Savior.

I’ll remember the reminiscing of growing up just a stone’s throw from the greatest city in the world.

I’ll remember taking the winding road taking me home watching James Bond 007.

I’ll remember the ride in darkness from the bus to my home with the lights of a beautiful day leading my way.

I am hoping I will always remember seeing God and feeling connected to the world on a beautiful unexpected day in New York City. 

Thank you Judy,  I will be forever grateful for the beautiful unexpected day in the city!


Judy Olson said...

It truly was an extraordinary day! So many things still to come from it I think. God did a lot of talking!

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