Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Pond

I don't seem to be in much control of my life at the moment, the high point of my day was seeing my beautiful son unexpectedly on my walk through my old neighborhood, but yesterday I set a goal to fill in the pond on this piece and accomplished it late last night.  This morning  I wrote a poem to accompany it so here it is.

The Pond

The pond is shiny and bright,
Carefully reflecting, the early morning light.
Peaceful and tranquil it winds through its day,
Barely a ripple can ruin its sway.
Fish are swimming, living life in the pond,
They never really wonder, what lies beyond.
Lilies take root, growing past their borders,
They are joining other lilies, in the beautiful tranquil waters.
A duck flies by and takes a swim,
It is a beautiful pond just waiting for him.
Inviting and lovely it calls my name,
When you look at the beauty it’s really a shame.
I live so far away from a pond don’t you know,
I hope someday to find one nearby where I can go.
And reflect on its beauty, there’s nothing to say
I am just looking for a beautiful way to end the day.


bellefrogworks said...

What a beautiful embroidery piece - I love the way the stitches "flow" - lovely poem to accompany your art.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you so much belle frog works for the kind words.