Two Poems

I missed yesterday so today I have two poems as I am trying to stick to my guns with something.  The two offerings today are Ode to An Imaginary Man and My Date with a Squirrel.

Ode to An Imaginary Man

At my core,
Is a heart that beats only for you,
A smile that smiles only for you,
Ears that listen only for you,
Eyes that look only for you,
Everywhere I look only for you,
But I am not everywhere, I am only here,
So alas, I am pining only for you.

My Date with a Squirrel

He looked at me,
I looked at him,
I threw the bread,
He moved his head,
Our eyes met,
I thought I saw him wink,
Maybe a tender smile I think,
He took the bread,
He turned his head,
He ran off to share it with his mate,
I think that was the ending to our date.


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