Friday, April 12, 2013

Wake Up

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This is another poem.  I am not quite polished as a poet YET!  But I will never be a writer if I don't write, I will never be a hand embroidery artist if I don't hand embroider, and I will never feel alive unless I figure out a way to be myself without needing to be perfect.  Make peace with yourself, fall on your face and hope to get back up tomorrow morning with a loving face looking into yours.  That's my plan.  Here's my poem.

Wake Up
Wake up, be counted,
Don’t wait for the why,
Wake up, be counted,
Before we all die.

See the beauty of the sun,
Hear the sound of the waves,
Take the day off tomorrow,
We are not born to be slaves.

Give a shit about living,
Your neighbors and friends,
Make sure they know you love them,
In case the world ends.

The world is not perfect,
And neither are we,
Perfection is an illusion,
Meant to keep us from who we wish to be.

Each of us comes with an expiration date,
So wake up and be counted, before it’s too late.

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