These Days



This my latest piece.  I hope it will be a peaceful garden when finished.  I’ve been trying to write my life story and make some sense of it.  At the moment it is just a sad story so I’m gonna keep it close to the vest but writing it has been very healing and I suggest anybody else with childhood issues write down their stuff too.  It appears that my childhood story has become a lifetime story so maybe there is a made for TV movie in here after all!

I’ve started to embroider again although not nearly enough and still seem to be a little stuck in some sort of limbo between what was and what will be.  Every time I think I have an answer I realize I don’t have the answer, so I’m going to wing it for a little bit longer and see if anything strikes my fancy.  On the really good news level, my beautiful son graduated from college this past weekend and made me the ever so proud mother.  He is such an inspiration to me, he overcame so much adversity to be successful.  I wish I were the inspiration but at the moment it is enough for me to be inspired by him.

Tomorrow is another day to figure it all out, so have a great day and keep on stitching(that last sentence is a note to myself).


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