Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seize the Day

Moving Along
Stitch by stitch,
Tear by tear,
Is today the day I finally say
Enough is enough.
Yes it is.
I am going to finish this piece,
I am going to honor my commitments,
To my son, the child I bore
To the job I barely work
To the business I've let slide
To the spiritually awakening which has left me
distraught and searching.
I still believe in God even after all this.
He will help me find the answers.
Nobody else can.
To everybody who has tried to help me
Thank you!
I am grateful really I am.
Seize the day!


Anonymous said...

"what consumes your mind, controls your life"

Judy Olson said...

I like what Anonymous said. I also like "enough is enough" and "moving on".
I think I'll start blogging again, thanks for the inspiration!

MT McClanahan said...

I believe that the "slides" are all part of finding your way. Like when a forest gets burned by lightning and then renews itself--it's a natural occurrence/process. Don't fret it, embrace it--you are on your way, discovering who you are. That's how I see it--analogous to being "burned out" I guess.

Akhil Paul said...

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Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. It's been a slog again, I had some company lost the momentum and haven't been able to find it again. But I'm still kicking so onward and forward.

MT McClanahan said...

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